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Level Yoga
29 Royal Palm Pointe Suite 2
Vero Beach, FL 32960

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Level Yoga - The Story

As a culmination of two girls’ passion for wellness, brought together by their friendship, Vero Beach Yoga Barre was founded. Amanda and Carly, the owners of the Vero Beach Yoga Barre, both instructors as well, have a deep understanding of yoga and barre, combined. Amanda’s teacher training includes a 500 hr Ashtanga Certification with Margarida Tree, 25 hrs Intermediate Ashtanga Certification with Manju Jois, and Children's Yoga Teacher Training with Jaye Bryan. Carly, actually being a student of Amanda’s from the age of 16, also has 200 hr Power Vinyasa teacher training with Charleston Power Yoga. With their training and passion, yoga has become an essential part of their lifestyle.

Their continued friendship and unique paths brought them together to form Vero Beach Yoga Barre in 2015. Both novice business women had a vision for a studio where they could share their love and passion for the practice, while offering a spectrum of class offerings to suit the needs of many. Over the years, Carly and Amanda’s vision evolved towards a deeper understanding of why they are doing what they are doing. 

Both Libras, Carly and Amanda strive to live a life of balance. Balance is a focus in their daily conversation, interaction, and classes. This sparked a feeling that they wanted something more out of what they had built.  This is their WHY! What evolved from that idea… LEVEL YOGA! 

Level Yoga launched in 2018, with the help of a friend.  Amanda and Carly knew how much they loved yoga but something was missing.. a mission they felt passionate about.  A mission that is their why.  They hope you will join for a class and feel the love and support of their community. 

Level Yoga - A Peaceful, Beautiful Yoga Studio Located on Royal Palm Pointe

As you enter Level Yoga, you are greeted by a friendly, welcoming face, and positive energy. The calm, airy, eclectic, and industrial studio features 1500 square feet of beautiful space, a dreamy oasis.

Offering two styles of classes, Yoga and Barre, with many variations of the two, and a total of 19 teachers: 3 Barre, 14 yoga, and 2 kids’ yoga; Level Yoga offers 47 classes a week.

Yoga classes provide many benefits to the body and mind. Teachers focus their classes around mindfulness, the mind body connection, and building strength in the body. 

Benefits of a Barre Workout at Level Yoga

Frequently referred to as a ballerina’s workout, Barre class is incredibly beneficial for strengthening legs, arms and core in a unique way that isolates each part of the body, and targets smaller muscle groups.

Incorporating Barre into a yoga studio, allows students to change up their typical yoga practice and develop flexibility and strength with a low impact, aerobic, 60 minute class. More specifically, with varying teachers on the schedule, each class begins with a dynamic warm up using light hand weights, followed by a series of exercises on the barre, originating from ballet. Class ends with core work on the mat, and a much needed stretch. 

The Level Yoga retail boutique, features top yoga brands including, Manduka clothing & Mats, Onzie, Alo Yoga, Capri Blue candles, Spiritual Gangster, and more, is open Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 5 PM, class schedules are posted on their website, in the studio, and on the Mind Body APP.  

All levels of yoga and barre are encouraged to come join Level Yoga classes in a peaceful environment to discover their strength, flexibility and balance.

Level Yoga’s second studio is located beachside in the Atrium Building at 3055 Cardinal Drive, Suite 106. While we offer a smaller schedule of classes than our main studio this new location will host workshops, pop-up classes, retreats, special events, and yoga teacher trainings.

As soon as you walk in the door you will notice several aesthetic differences from our main studio. Darker wood, dark blue paint accents, and dark cork floors work in tandem to create a cozy, calm, and grounded atmosphere. Several floor to ceiling arched windows lets in natural light while providing a beautifully meditative view of the many surrounding oak trees. The lack of mirrors inside the studio allows students to truly experience the practice without distraction, turning their focus inward, and encouraging the ever-present yogi goal of introspection.




Nurturing Your Calm Center With Yin Yoga By Mary Replogle

At Level Yoga, our Yin Deep Stretch class is a long, slow and deep practice that offers a chance to turn inward and nurture the calm, quiet center that is innate in all of us. It is a practice in stillness, patience, and non-reactivity. Through yin yoga, we become adept at self-care and self-study. We become better listeners by tuning in; we become wiser as we get to know ourselves better physically, mentally and emotionally

Level Yoga Studio's Outreach Program

Yoga isn't just physical. Karma yoga is a way to serve others and give back. 

The evolution of Vero Beach Yoga Barre to Level Yoga

The many traditions of Yoga

The many traditions of Yoga, what we offer at VBYB, and how to choose the tradition that's right for you.

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29 Royal Palm Pointe Suite 2
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