“There’s someone out there for him”

“There’s someone out there for him”

Posted: August, 27, 2018 | Author: Editor - VeroBeach.com | H.A.L.O. No-Kill Rescue

“There’s someone out there for him”

"There's someone out there for him," gently said Jennifer at HALO after I spent time with Toffee who was insanely happy to go for a walk, tugged on the leash til he nearly choked himself, was not well-mannered, is not housebroken, and an energetic handful.

But Toffee is happy, kind, wants to be petted, and so grateful for attention.

I was drawn to this pup because he had a rough start. And was, literally, broken.

Scheduled to be put down at a nearby shelter (not in Indian River County) because of his broken leg, HALO - a no kill shelter, took Toffee in and nursed him back to health. He was adopted and promptly brought back.  He's a challenge.

Toffee reminds me of my granddog, Zoe - same breed - who was brought back to the shelter 3 times before my son adopted her.  She was naughty, not house-broken.... basically a nightmare.  Today, everyone wants a dog like Zoe.  She's super loyal, wants to please, grateful to be loved, and has enviable bladder control.  This is what I hope for Toffee.

Here's the assessment of Toffee from the folks at HALO who know him best.

"Toffee is still with us- because of his injury he was restricted for many months as a puppy and was not able to learn from siblings and other dogs how to play well. He is the sweetest boy but he plays very hard and is overwhelming to other dogs that are stable... he is in our high speed pack. 

The adolescent phase of any puppy is super important to teach them these manners and the poor boy was frustrated and confined so that his leg could heal properly. 

He has been close to adoption and now that he is getting older and has had more training he is developing more maturity and I feel the right family will come along soon that can give him the balance he looks for.”

If you have alot of patience, time and a fenced yard for him to play ball and run out his energy until he gets older, Toffee will be a loyal, loving pet and your best friend for life.

Some efforts are just worth it.  Like Zoe was.

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