Oribe Obsessed

Oribe Obsessed

Posted: February, 22, 2017 | Author: Nikolett Connelly | Elle 7 Twenty Salon + Spa

Do you want gorgeous, healthy, and nourished hair?  If you answered yes, visit our salon and try the Oribe product line. Oribe was founded by Daniel Kaner, and Tev Finger. These two timeless gentlemen, are two world renowned stylists, who envisioned changing the hair industry for the better. With their master creations, within the Oribe series, they certainly have.

Oribe is a top shelf pick for all of our unique, and radiant clients. Oribe has a number of hair products, varying from: shampoo's, creme rinses, mousse, molding pastes, treatments, absolutely everything your hair wants and needs. 

People love to brag about the way their hair feels, and smells after using this luscious concoction. Created in one of the oldest French fragrance houses, it traces its roots back to the 1800s. Cote d’Azur (one of their signature scents) was conceived to be beautiful and bright, yet calming and collected.

It comes from a blend of citrus, and  Cuba’s national flower, la mariposa blanca. Secretly blended with a number of other all natural flowers, and plants, Oribe has such an invigorating scent, you'll want it in your hair forever. It's scents are only the beginning of the rave about the Oribe series. Now the effects on the hair, are even more magical.

The oils in the product keep the hair nourished and strong. You'll without a doubt notice the difference in your beautiful mane from the very first day you begin using. We've trusted Oribe with our clients for years, and you can see how it manages to recreate the hair. Giving it shine, body, and lightness.

After one wash you'll never want to go back to your old products. Let Oribe transform your hair and give you the confidence of beautiful glowing locks. We also offer 10% off all Oribe products with the purchase of any hair service! Come in to Elle 7 twenty today and let us help you pick out the perfect bottle for you. 

Nikolett Connelly Elle 7 Twenty
About The Author: Nikolett Connelly

Nikolett Connelly is a lifestyle colorist/stylist and salon owner at Elle 7 Twenty Salon + Spa.

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