Put the Bang in Bangin'

Put the Bang in Bangin'

Posted: July, 6, 2018 | Author: Nikolett Connelly | elle 7 twenty salon + spa

Put the Bang in Bangin'

I personally adore bangs, from: straight, side, or even micro you can truly express your personality through these forehead framers.  

Bangs are great for creating a young, playful look. They can symbolize an artistic nature, or represent the more serious business women. Elle magazine recently released an article showing us bangs were back. They listed celebrities such as: Emme Roberts, Vanessa Hudgens, Bella Hadid, and many more all boarding the train of fringes. With bangs trending at the moment, it's inspired some amazing looks here at our salon. 

Often times our bangs grow much faster than the rest of our hair. Which can be a real pain, in the hair mane. So, with that being said they have a tendency to be high maintenece to keep. That's why, at Elle 7 twenty, we offer free bang trims after your cut! All we ask is you let us know in advance so we can make time to trim those pesky pieces. 

Come in, and let us give you a little "bang" for your buck. 

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About The Author: Nikolett Connelly

Nikolett Connelly is a lifestyle colorist/stylist and salon owner at Elle 7 Twenty Salon + Spa.

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