Wrestling Classes

Monday, Mar 4, 2019 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Location: Adrenaline Martial Arts

Category: Outdoor/Recreation


Whether you think it's WWE or you know the difference between folkstyle/freestyle wrestling: All ages and skill levels are invited to join our wrestling club that's building inside of Adrenaline Martial Arts here in Vero Beach! The official start date of our club will be March 4th, and it's going to be an open-door event where anyone can come give wrestling a try. More info available on the website, contact with questions or to call ahead for any reason. The gym is on Old Dixie Hwy just North of 4th Street. Starting March 4th, every Monday at 7:30 PM there will be club sessions.

Wrestling attire is your typical snug fitting gym attire; gym shorts, fitting shirts, compression top/legs, sweatpants or similar are also good for wrestling. If you happen to have wrestling shoes, you're ready to go but bare feet (washed, preferably) are fine. You can wrestle for fitness, to stay in shape as well as for recreation and to learn a different sport that directly helps in self-defense situations. It's an all-around great tool to have and it's an awesome confidence building sport; just stick with it!

More Info: https://unorthodox-athletics.com/pages/coaching

Location Details
Adrenaline Martial Arts
492 Old Dixie Hwy, Unit 101
Vero Beach, FL 32962

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