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Distance Chart to Major Florida Destinations

*Jacksonville - 216 miles / 3.5 hrs      *Melbourne - 35 miles /  40 minutes

*Miami - 148 miles / 2.5 hours            *Naples - 215 miles / 3.5 hours

*Orlando - 111 miles / 1 hr 50 min      *Palm Beach - 81 miles / 1.5 hours

*Tampa - 138 miles / 2.5 hours          *Key West - 298 miles / 6 hours


Vero Beach Regional Airport

3400 Cherokee Drive, Vero Beach, FL, 32960
ph: (772) 978-4930

Vero Beach Regional Airport is an active public airport with three runways. The airport is certified under FAA and TSA regulations to meet stringent safety and security requirements, including rapid emergency response, for aircraft up to large regional jets. The airport provides GPS non-precision instrument approaches, FAA air traffic control, 24-hour security and fire rescue, Jet A and 100LL aircraft fueling and maintenance, flight instruction, and aircraft charters. Click the 'More Info' button to learn more.

Community Coach & Indian River Transit

694 14th St, Vero Beach, FL, 32960
ph: (772) 569-0903

Transportation operated by the Senior Resource Association, formerly the Council on Aging. System has 14 fixed routes throughout the county. Please visit the website for information on the Go Line Public Transit System.

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