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How Physical Therapy Can Help You

October 9, 2018
by Ortho Spine America | Medical

Physical Therapy is a viable option for surgical patients.  It may actually help prevent surgery or shorten recovery time. It is also a great alternative to pain medications since it focuses on the painful, stiff, or immobile areas in a natural manner. Ultimately, the goal is to restore physical function by helping you regain movement to the best of your body’s ability. In addition, a physical therapist can teach you about nutrition that will reduce inflammation and pain.

Why Choose Physical Therapy?

A few sessions with a physical therapist can do wonders for any painful condition, with or without surgery. In fact, many of our patients never have to go under the knife, thanks to the skills and expertise of our physical therapists and Dr. Atwater’s devotion to holistic treatment measures. 

In just a short time with a physical therapist, you can achieve noticeable progress in your mobility and flexibility so that you can continue enjoying your favorite Florida activities! You’ll find that our physical therapy team equips you with a home application plan too, with a combination of videos, hand-outs, assistive devices, and more.  Every human body is different, so your PT plan will be unique to your needs and preferences. 

How do Physical Therapists Work?

Ultimately, working with a physical therapist will create long-term benefits that help your body move in a world with gravity. They begin by assessing your range of motion, posture, strength, and flexibility. With this knowledge, they create a short- and long-term plan that incorporates nutritional advice. Further, our physical therapist is holistic in his approach and will seek to educate you on whole-body techniques for healing.

You can learn more about our PT, Joe Justado, on our website.

What are the Benefits of Physical Therapy?

Physical therapists are trained to provide benefits that otherwise, without treatment, would hinder your ability to function naturally. Some of the benefits you can expect from participating in physical therapy include:

  • Management of pain
  • Increased mobility of joints
  • Better overall flexibility
  • Improvement in your strength
  • Improvement in balance to prevent falls

Overall, physical therapy is a great choice for those who either would like to avoid surgery or for those planning to undergo surgery. For a consult with our physical therapy team and Dr. Atwater to learn if physical therapy is right for you, please contact our office either through this website, our clinic website or by simply giving us a call at 772-213-9800.

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