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Muscle Health and Exercise for Seniors

April 27, 2022
by TammyS | For Seniors

As we age, our bodies change and can require a different type of exercise.  And, though we may have been able to just jog or run on the treadmill in our younger years, we now need different types of exercise to build strength and muscle mass.

Are you a Stockpiler or a Sharer?

April 11, 2022
by TammyS | For Seniors

Years ago, when I was working as an ER nurse, I attended a mandatory in-service designed to enhance cooperation and productivity in the workforce.  The trainer told a story entitled, Stone Soup.  Most of my southern coworkers had all heard the story in one version or another, but being from New England, I never had.  The story went something like this:

Are You a Hugger?

March 22, 2022
by TammyS | For Seniors

I grew up in a French family with lots of siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. and we hugged each other…A LOT!  Since it was the preferred form of greeting, both in my family and the French Catholic community I grew up in, I always found it very normal.  However, when I moved away from Northern Maine, I realized this is not always the case with everyone.

Looking at What We Don't Want to Face in Ourselves

March 8, 2022
by TammyS | For Seniors

Isn’t it strange that the feelings in ourselves we try to bury or do not want to look at, are the ones we need to address the most in order to know ourselves and become more self-aware in who we really are?  Running away from a memory or feelings that are bothering us, only keeps those feelings and memories alive in our subconscious

To Volunteer or Not to Volunteer. That is the Question

February 17, 2022
by TammyS | For Seniors

Most of us look forward to that time when we could retire.  We have worked hard all our lives and hopefully have saved for retirement.  The first few months or even years of retirement are glorious.  We do not have to get up before we want to in the morning, we can do what we like during the day, stay up later at night to watch a movie, or read a book, etc.

Foods and Practices to Boost Your Immune System

February 1, 2022
by TammyS | For Seniors

We all know how important it is to keep our immune system healthy, especially lately with the COVID pandemic we have all been dealing with.  

Enjoying Florida Winters as a Senior Adult

January 17, 2022
by TammyS | For Seniors

Winter months in Florida can be particularly enjoyable for a multiple of reasons, whether you live here year-round, or are just visiting.  Whatever your likes and interests are, you will find dozens of outside activities to enjoy.

Holiday Blues Remedies for Seniors

December 30, 2021
by TammyS | For Seniors

Holidays can be a tough time for Seniors.  Perhaps the colder, darker months of the year are depressing for them.  Or maybe they have lost family members or other loved ones and the holidays just remind them of happier times that have passed.  Whatever the reason, and after making sure the primary care provider has been notified about the depression, below are a few ideas on how you may be able to help your loved one(s) enjoy the holidays a little more.

Are You a Procrastinator?

November 16, 2021
by TammyS | For Seniors

Do you have good intentions of accomplishing a task or project by a certain date, but either do not complete it, or are working furiously at the last minute to finish?  If so, you are not alone.  Statistics have shown that over 20% of individuals procrastinate.

Be Conscious of Your Words

November 7, 2021
by TammyS | For Seniors

Words carry power and can hurt or heal the person they are directed toward.  And some words can have more impact than others.