FAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute's Harmful Algal Bloom Lab & Taskforce

Thursday, Feb 13, 2020 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Location: Sebastian Inlet State Park - BG's Surfside Grill & Adventures

Category: Lectures


Presented as part of a new lecture series launched by the Sebastian Inlet District, join us to learn more about FAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute’s Harmful Algal Bloom Lab and Taskforce, and ongoing research on algal blooms from scientist and principal investigator Dr. Malcolm McFarland. Dr. McFarland’s research is focused on understanding patterns of phytoplankton distribution, abundance, and species composition. His work combines laboratory experiments, microscope-based analyses of water samples, and the development of new techniques to observe phytoplankton population dynamics with high spatial and temporal resolution. He is particularly interested in harmful algal blooms due to their impacts on human and animal health, and their apparent global increase associated with climate change. His research is important to understanding the role of phytoplankton in aquatic ecosystems at local and global scales. All sessions will be held in the 2nd Floor classroom at BG's Surfside Grill & Adventures at Sebastian Inlet State Park (North entrance). Sessions are free with regular park admission fees.

E-Mail: mmalyn@sitd.us

Phone: (321) 724-5175

More Info: www.sitd.us

Location Details
Sebastian Inlet State Park - BG's Surfside Grill & Adventures
9502 S Hwy A1A
Melbourne Beach, FL 32951

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