At the Heart of Rescue – a Freedom Flight for 62 Dogs


At the heart of lifesaving rescue work is the gift of one rescue to help out another towards a common goal in doing what is best for the animals around us.  H.A.L.O. No-Kill Rescue firmly believes in doing just that. 

After Hurricane Maria carved its way across Puerto Rico, everyone on the island experienced devastation. Jacque Petrone, Founder and Director of H.A.L.O. Rescue, spent many nights thinking of what H.A.L.O. could do to help the animals that were suffering… without shelter, food, clean water, as well as the absence of medical care to treat the sick and injured.

H.A.L.O. partnered with a team going into Rincon, Puerto Rico. Satellite phones were used to help connect with the locals and the rescues doing what they could with little or nothing to work with. H.A.L.O. was told all shipments of supplies being sent in were stuck in major airports with no way for delivery drivers to get them into the smaller towns and outlying communities and no way to get animals out.

H.A.L.O. had to think of a better way…

How would we get into a town completely devastated, with an airport shut down to only military operations and where bad weather still continued to wreak havoc?

In the search for answers, a connection was made with an incredible organization, called Guardians of Rescue, who gave H.A.L.O. the opportunity to charter a private plane at cost. The charter would allow H.A.L.O. to organize supplies that would be brought directly into the Aguadilla airport and then be driven into Rincon, an area that had not yet seen support.

An emergency plea for funding was made and H.A.L.O. trusted to have the support of our community to raise the $15,000 cost of the charter plane.

On Tuesday, October 24th H.A.L.O.’s private charter, fully funded by incredible donors, took off packed full with over 3,000lbs of food, fresh water and medical supplies.

The dedicated team in Rincon gathered the supplies and first set out for the animal’s worst hit by the storm. Santurario Canita was first on the agenda. Over 700 animals call the sanctuary their forever home and the aide delivered to the sanctuary provided much needed medical supplies, food and fresh water to animal’s dying daily from starvation and disease.

The rest of the food and supplies along with physical aide was then given to multiple smaller rescues throughout Rincon… Pit Bull Angels Rescue, The Animal Rescue Foundation, Ta Ta Tiah’s Pets and more.

On Thursday, October 26th at 5:00PM the return trip brought 62 dogs back on their freedom flight to start their path towards recovery. The plane landed at the Ft. Pierce airport and all the animals on board started their journey to a second chance at life.

With the help of H.A.L.O. staff and volunteers, the dogs were immediately vetted and then transported to the shelter, where they could settle in for some much-needed food and water, as well as a safe place to rest.

While at H.A.L.O, they are being treated medically and emotionally.  A promise of kindness and love, as well as the immediate care they need is being delivered each and every day. Their final step comes as they all move forward to finish their journey within a forever home. 

It’s amazing, how when working together, we can accomplish so much more.  Barriers are broken down, challenges are overcome, lives are SAVED…because it’s just a better way…


The journey to H.A.L.O.

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