Hibiscus Children’s Center Celebrates LaVaughn Tilton’s Legacy


Hibiscus Children’s Center was honored to host a reception to “Celebrate the Legacy of LaVaughn Tilton”.  The Hibiscus Children’s Center Founder sadly passed away in 2021 but due to the Pandemic, the celebration was delayed until this year.  It was held in April to commemorate Child Abuse Prevention Month and honor LaVaughn’s vision for children to grow up free from abuse and neglect. 

When LaVaughn passed away, our community lost one of our children’s greatest advocates and heroes.  The community-wide effect that LaVaughn created is still going strong today in the family of volunteers, staff and supporters who continue to join in the fight against the devastating trauma children experience right here on the Treasure Coast.   Several friends and family of LaVaughn shared from their hearts what she meant to them personally as well as our community and most importantly, to the children.   Matt Markley, Hibiscus CEO, welcomed guests and shared about LaVaughn’s legacy of creating a safe haven for children that began with a 12-bed shelter and has grown into an organization that has provided abuse prevention, intervention and recovery services for thousands of children.

LaVaughn founded Hibiscus in 1985 to ensure that children would be safe, protected and loved.  She had already been an advocate for children for many years, but when she joined a local group that helped to educate parents, she was concerned that there was no safe place for the children.  LaVaughn’s vision to keep children safe created a movement on the Treasure  Coast that has been going strong for over three decades.  There is no way to measure the lives that LaVaughn has touched with her gracious demeanor, kindness and generous spirit.   LaVaughn was a genuine beacon of hope to our community and a voice for traumatized children.  LaVaughn will be greatly missed but her legacy continues to live on every day in the children who have been saved and now dream of a bright future.

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Hibiscus Children’s Center Celebrates LaVaughn Tilton’s Legacy