Hibiscus Children’s Center Helps Children Heal Through Mental Health Services


May is “Mental Health Awareness Month”.  During this time, and throughout the year, Hibiscus Children’s Center is committed to providing quality mental health services to children and families in our communities to help them overcome the obstacles and challenges they are facing.  We have seen a rise in children experiencing depression, anxiety, and feelings of isolation given the effects of the pandemic. Hibiscus offers telehealth counseling sessions and in-home sessions to overcome barriers to treatment and hardships our families may be facing. Our therapists are highly trained and experienced in treating trauma and childhood mental health disorders. Our mental health services are available throughout the Treasure Coast and Okeechobee as well as being offered to all children coming into our residential facilities. 

Hibiscus also partners with Harmony Hope Stables to provide equine assisted learning and psychotherapy to children and teens who have suffered abuse. Parents and caregivers are also welcomed to participate in equine assisted parenting groups to build relational skills and parenting techniques which they can immediately transform to their kids.

At Hibiscus Children's Center, we understand that child sexual abuse is not only traumatic on the child, it impacts the entire family.  Our Sexual Abuse Treatment Program (SATP) provides specialized treatment services for children who are victims of sexual abuse, as well as for their families.  Through a combination of group, family and individual counseling for child sexual abuse survivors and their families, SATP works to reduce the trauma caused by sexual victimization.  We help families recover, working to prevent further sexual victimization while enabling families to develop healthy, non-abusive relationships.

Brandon’s story (name changed for privacy) is an example of how Mental Health Services can transform a youth’s life.   Brandon was a homeless 17 year-old teenager who had used hard drugs while living on the streets with his mom.  When she was incarcerated, Brandon was placed at the Hibiscus Children's Village.  When he arrived at the Village, he was resistant to change and did not trust anyone.  A Hibiscus Mental Health Counselor began to work closely with Brandon to help him overcome the trauma he had endured and help him build up his self-esteem.  During this process, the Counselor noticed progress and improvement in Brandon’s behavior and attitude, but he did have a setback at one time and refused counseling for about a week or so.  The Counselor persevered and did not give up on Brandon and she was able to win him over again and get back into a trusting relationship with him.  Brandon completed his GED program and began setting future goals.  At times, there were set backs and resistance, but with the Counselors help, he was always able to push through the obstacles and achieve his goals. We are excited to share that Brandon completed his GED, obtained a full-time job and enrolled in college.  Brandon was able to begin the healing process through mending relationships with some family members that he never thought would respect him.  He shared that he felt “blessed and smiled everyday with intentions of bettering himself”.  Brandon spent eight months in the care of Hibiscus Children’s Center and through professional staff, volunteers and community support, were able to be the agents of change in the life of this young man and help prepare him for a successful future.  Brandon’s Counselor shared, “I am so proud of Brandon because he had nothing and now has everything.”  His hard work and motivation paid off and Brandon was able to move forward in life and create a strong future for himself.   Every day, we witness youth, just like Brandon, whose lives are transformed through the love, care and Mental Health Services provided by Hibiscus Children’s Center. 

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