Hibiscus Children’s Center Keeping Children Safe Every Day


During the month of April, we commemorated Child Abuse Prevention Month.  This national observance is dedicated to raising awareness, preventing child abuse and recognizing the importance of working together to strengthen families. According to national reports, a report of child abuse is made every 10 seconds in the U.S., more than 4 million referrals are made annually to child protection agencies and on average, 5 children die each day due to abuse and neglect.  These are disturbing statistics but many individuals, businesses and organizations work tirelessly to help ensure children are no longer statistics but are protected, loved and have the opportunity to thrive in life.  Hibiscus Children’s Center has been doing just that for over 37 years along with our wonderful community by our side. 

Hibiscus provides children who have suffered severe trauma with life-changing services. Children like Sabrina find safety, love and healing every day at the Tilton Family Children’s Shelter in Jensen Beach.  Sabrina was 10 when she was placed at the Hibiscus Shelter.  She had never been to school, never played outdoors and was unfamiliar with normal social behaviors.  This young girl’s life was filled with uncertainty and a deep lack of social skills.  The Hibiscus Mental Health Therapist immediately began working with Sabrina to help her sort through the issues she was dealing with and staff enrolled her in school.  She was behind academically but excited to be learning and making new friends. 

Over time, Sabrina made great progress learning how to handle social situations, how to get along with other children and enjoying the fun of childhood.  A year later, Sabrina was able to return home to her father and they are both doing very well.  Sabrina has improved her grades and behavior and is excited for the future.   Thank you to our wonderful community, you have helped to make a significant difference in the lives of children just like Sabrina.  For more information about Hibiscus’ services and how you can get involved, please visit us at