Hibiscus Children’s Center Keeping Children Safe Every Day


April is Child Abuse Prevention Month.  This annual national observance is dedicated to raising awareness, preventing child abuse and recognizing the importance of working together to strengthen families. According to national reports, a report of child abuse is made every 10 seconds in the U.S., close to 4 million referrals are made annually to child protection agencies and on average, 5 children die each day due to abuse and neglect.  These are disturbing statistics but many individuals, businesses and organizations work tirelessly to help ensure children are no longer statistics but are protected, nurtured and have the opportunity to thrive in life.  Hibiscus Children’s Center has been doing just that for over 39 years with our wonderful community by our side. 


Since Hibiscus opened its doors in 1989, children have received safe haven at the Tilton Family Children’s Shelter in Jensen Beach and Hibiscus Village in Vero Beach.   The generous support of our community has enabled Hibiscus to provide over 475,000 total safe nights of care.  Career preparation and training is provided through the Career Pathways to Independence Program at the Village and includes graphic design and culinary education components.  The Supporting Families in Crisis and SafeCare Programs provide prevention services to children and families in the community. Mental Health Services provide professional counseling and specialized sexual abuse treatment services for children in our residential facilities and the community.   Hibiscus Children’s Center provides services to over 1,800 children and families annually. 


It is always an exciting time when a youth graduates high school and pursues their future dreams.  But for youth who are part of the Foster Care system, it can be a scary and uncertain time in their life.   Joshua was a high school senior when he came to Hibiscus Village and was uncertain what he would do after graduation.  While at Hibiscus, Joshua participated in the Hibiscus Career Pathways to Independence Program and learned critical skills and career training for the future.  He also learned that he could have the opportunity to attend college!   The Hibiscus staff helped to guide Joshua through the process to apply for college and receive assistance with housing costs.  It was great news when Joshua was accepted into college and received a scholarship.  The staff was proud of Joshua for not giving up and for pursuing his dreams and aspirations. 


Thank you to our wonderful community, you have helped to make a significant difference in the lives of children just like Joshua.  Together, we are transforming lives and giving children who have experienced trauma and abuse a better and brighter future.  For more information about how you can help children, please visit us at


Hibiscus Children’s Center Keeping Children Safe Every Day