Hibiscus Children’s Center Receives Mental Health Grant from United Way of St. Lucie and Okeechobee


Hibiscus Children’s Center was the recipient of a $12,166 grant from United Way of St. Lucie and Okeechobee.  This generous donation will directly support the Hibiscus Community Mental Health Program.  Hibiscus specializes in the treatment of trauma-based disorders, behavioral health, infant mental health, and healing victims of sexual abuse.

Hibiscus Children’s Center provides professional in-home counseling services to children and families that focus on decreasing emotional and behavioral issues related to abuse, trauma, neglect, and mental health disorders.  Some of the issues addressed include low self-esteem, divorce and family conflict, child sexual abuse, physical abuse or neglect, drop in grades or problems concentrating in class, sudden changes in behavior, and excessive fears, phobias, anxiety, and depression.   The goal is to help children heal from trauma and the challenges they have faced while building positive adaptive and problem-solving skills that will lead to a successful future. 

Last year, Hibiscus provided community mental health services to over 650 children and families and 90% of children receiving treatment reduced trauma symptoms as evidenced by pre/post assessment scores and 90% increased protective factors as evidenced by pre/post assessment scores.  At Hibiscus Children's Center, we understand that child sexual abuse is not only traumatic on the child, it impacts the entire family.  Our Sexual Abuse Treatment Program (SATP) provides specialized treatment services for children who are victims of sexual abuse, as well as for their families.  Hibiscus Children’s Center is the only Department of Health sanctioned Sexual Abuse Treatment Program on the Treasure Coast and Okeechobee County.

Hibiscus is grateful to the United Way of St. Lucie and Okeechobee for helping us continue to provide these critical services to children and families in the community.  This wonderful grant is helping to provide healing services to our children.  In their words (names changed) … Emma shared, “I want to tell the staff and Mental Health Counselor that helped, thank you for believing in me”, and Jordan shared, “When I needed help, I talked to my therapist and got to let out how I feel and that made me feel safe”.    

Thank you to United Way of St. Lucie and Okeechobee for your partnership and for helping to change the lives of children and families in our community!  If you would like more information about Hibiscus’ services or how you can get involved, please visit us at:


Lacey Buxton, LMHC, Hibiscus Dir. of Outpatient Services/Sexual Abuse Treatment Program Coord., Matt Markley, Hibiscus CEO, and Jeff Howard, UW Dir. of Collaborative Impact