Hibiscus Children’s Center “SafeCare Program” Helps Strengthen Families


Hibiscus Children’s Center implemented a new prevention program serving St. Lucie and Indian River County families in Spring 2019.  The SafeCare Program is a collaborative partnership between Hibiscus Children’s Center and Behavior Basics, Inc. and focuses on providing parenting education through home visits.  Hibiscus Children’s Center and Behavior Basics welcome new clients and the services are free. 

SafeCare helps families in need of parenting assistance, like Alyssa (name changed).    Alyssa is a single mother referred for services by her case manager. She spent three months in jail and was on probation during her time in the SafeCare Program.  Alyssa struggled with substance abuse and entered an inpatient treatment program. Upon release, she was attending meetings weekly and was randomly drug tested. Her two children were removed from the home but they were reunified the following year and Alyssa welcomed a new baby, as well.  The safety of children is the primary focus of the SafeCare Program.  The Hibiscus Parent Coach provided Alyssa with a health manual and supplies to create a first aid kit.  She also learned the process using a flow chart and the health manual to determine if an injury/illness was an emergency situation, if a doctor appointment was needed, or if the child could be cared for at home. Alyssa was very eager to learn how to better care for her children and was excited when the Parent-Child Interaction (PCI) portion of the program was introduced.  Alyssa was frustrated that her children didn’t always listen to her and she didn’t know what to do.  Alyssa did a great job mastering the skills that were taught and has continued to use her skills in successive sessions with her Parent Coach.

Alyssa completed the SafeCare Program and stated, “I am feeling grateful for the opportunity to take the classes and I feel more confident in caring for my children.  I feel less stress as a parent with the new skills, materials and supplies I was given through the SafeCare Program”.

The goal of the SafeCare Program is to ensure that the children’s safety and health are a priority and the parent-child interactions are appropriate and reduce the stress and challenges for both of them.   The four essential components of SafeCare include: Parent-infant interaction, parent-child interaction, home safety, and child health.  Last year, SafeCare served 402 children and families and 98% of families served showed no findings of child abuse during services, six months and one-year post completion of services.  In addition, 99% of children were maintained within the family home preventing entry into the Foster Care system.

For more information, please visit us at or contact Behavior Basics at (772) 463-0444.  We are here to help!   SafeCare is funded, in part, by Children’s Services Council of St. Lucie County and Communities Connected for Kids and is a collaborative program between Hibiscus Children’s Center and Behavior Basics, Inc. 

SafeCare Parent Coaches (L-R): Deidra Bass, Jean Snyder and Marchella Barr