This year, we have faced many unprecedented challenges as a community and as a non-profit caring for abused children and assisting families in the community.  As a result of the current pandemic situation, many families have experienced additional stress related to finances, employment, child care and school.  The possibility of increased abuse and/or neglect is very real for children during this time. 

For 35 years, Hibiscus Children’s Center has been at the forefront of serving children and families across the Treasure Coast and Okeechobee through residential, prevention and intervention programs.  The Treasure House, Hibiscus’ thrift store, has been an integral part of these services since opening in 1997 with 100% of the proceeds benefiting programs and services for the Treasure Coast’s children and families.

The thrift store is also a valuable resource to serve our children and families in our community outreach programs – Supporting Families in Crisis and SafeCare - with necessities, household goods, kitchen items, adult and children’s clothing, educational materials and books, and more.   Like many businesses in our community, the thrift store closed temporarily due to Covid-19 but was able to safely reopen in May and we continue to follow all CDC guidelines and protocols. Since that time, the Treasure House has provided approximately $4,000 worth of goods to families in our programs including furniture, clothing for children and adults, and household goods.  One of our SafeCare families were sleeping on the floor because they had no beds for themselves or their three children. They were so appreciative to receive beds for the family and two dressers.  The family thanked us several times for helping to provide these necessities for them. 

Our generous community and our volunteers make this possible!  Neil Poirier, Treasure House Manager, shared, “The thrift store plays an important role in supporting the critical services provided by Hibiscus Children’s Center to children and families.  We receive thousands of generously donated items each year from local donors.  Our volunteers help us sort, tag, test electronics, and display them for sale.  We have wonderful customers, many of which have become our weekly “friends”.  We could never operate successfully without all these supporters!  They help us ensure the thrift store continues to be a valuable resource for children and families and a very affordable place for local families to shop.”  New volunteers are always welcomed with applications available at the thrift store.  A few of our wonderful volunteers shared why they help at the thrift store:  Claudette Bublak shared, “I really enjoy volunteering at the Thrift Store.  Not only do I know it benefits the children, but it provides me with a place that I feel safe to come to, gets me out of the house, and simply makes me feel good.”  Sandy Wallace said, “It’s all about the children.  I’ve met them and I’m so happy I can help make a difference!” 

When a teen living at the Hibiscus Village in Vero Beach - one of Hibiscus’ residential campuses for abused children – begins their journey into adulthood, the thrift store can help provide necessary items such as furniture, bedding, pots & pans and other household items for their new residence.  Hibiscus wants to ensure our youth have the tools and resources they need as they transition to college or independent living.

 For more information, please visit: or contact the Thrift Store at (772) 692-5730.  The Thrift Store is located at 839 N. Federal Highway in Stuart in the North Shores Plaza and hours of operation are 9:30a – 5p, Tuesday through Saturday. 

Sandy Wallace fixing items on self