Hibiscus Supporting Families in Crisis Program Helping St. Lucie Families


Supporting Families in Crisis is a voluntary prevention program provided by Hibiscus Children’s Center to assists families in St. Lucie County.  The Supporting Families in Crisis Program (SFC) addresses whatever crisis a family may be experiencing that if not addressed, could cause their children to be removed by the State. SFC Family Advocates meet with the family to assess their needs and create a plan that will provide the necessary assistance and referrals to community resources to help the family move forward through their crisis and ensure a safe and loving home for the children.  The Family Advocates have assisted several families during COVID-19 and continue to provide assistance during this challenging time. 

Mary is a single grandmother who has custody of her young grandson, Brandon.  She contacted SFC for rental assistance to avoid an eviction from her home. Mary was behind in her bills and could not afford the rent payment.  There was an issue with her Social Security disability paperwork and her payments had been temporarily stopped.  As this was her only source of income, Mary was understandably very concerned and unfortunately, she had recently been diagnosed with cancer and was in the process of receiving chemotherapy treatments.  

The SFC Family Advocate immediately began working with Mary to assist with her Social Security paperwork and the services needed to have her disability payments reinstated.  The SFC Family Advocate also talked with the property manager to avoid the pending eviction and were able to pay the rent owed so Mary would be current on her rent payments.  In addition, the Family Advocate referred Mary to the ALPI Energy Assistance Fair, a federal program that provides critical home heating and cooling help to vulnerable families.  Their assistance enabled Mary to catch up on her utility bill.   SFC was able to help Mary with school supplies for Brandon and provide a voucher for clothing to a local resource.  Mary and Brandon are doing well, she is still receiving medical treatment but her expenses are currently up to date and she will be receiving her disability payments which have helped to significantly relieve some of the pressure and stress she and her grandson were feeling.  If you would like more information about SFC and our services, please visit us at or contact SFC at (772) 340-5750, ext. 422.   SFC is generously supported, in part, by the Children’s Services Council of St. Lucie County and United Way of St. Lucie County with additional support from grants and the community.                                                                                                               


Jackie Lindgren and Stephanie Symonds, SFC Family Advocates