Home Delivery From Farms & Local Specialty Vendors – Easy Online Ordering


Two innovative online market places opened offering fresh, produce direct from the farm and delivered to your home.

Treasure Coast Harvest -
Founded by Steve Wright & Catherine Sheetz who are local growers at their Pueo Farms on 57th  Street in Vero Beach.  Produce & food are locally grown and sourced. 

Farmers Market Drop Off -
Founded by Brittany Swartz who has managed the Oceanside Farmer’s Market for 11 years.  Produce from both local and Florida farms.

I’ve ordered from both and highly recommend both.  Both have super easy & fast online ordering with credit card.

These are fabulous services with sharp, young entrepreneurs who stepped up fast for our community.  They are shoring up farms and specialty vendors while providing healthy, super-fresh food that keep our immune systems strong, and that’s critical right now.