Moorings chef teaches GYAC students to make healthy meals


Gifford Youth Achievement Center has many friends in the community. Some donate to supplement programs, others give their time to mentor and guide the children and still others dream big for the Center.  Each cares about the future of the children who are helped every day by what they learn at GYAC to improve each student’s quality of life for their future.

Indian River County 5210 "Let's Go!" is an organization which is working to bring awareness and solutions to the problem of growing obesity in America...especially to the children. African-American and children of lower incomes especially have to find ways to lower obesity in its community especially since it affects health and life expectancy and associated costs.  5210 “Let’s Go!” is a nationally recognized childhood obesity prevention initiative adopted by the Florida Department of Health in Indian River County to promote healthy eating and an active lifestyle. This is done through community partnerships to raise awareness and inspire action among students, their families and the general community.

Peter Benincasa, from the Florida Department of Health works with the 5210 program. He brought The Moorings Yacht & Country Club Sous Chef Taylor Rye to GYAC to teach the students how to make healthy alternative meals last week and it was a great success. Students learned to make Braised Chicken Tacos, Cilantro Rice, Cabbage Slaw and Pico de Gallo before digging in and seeing just how tasty it was for themselves.

What was equally important were the reasons Rye gave for the food choices he made to illustrate that any meal could be made healthier using good ingredients and smart preparation. Childhood obesity in America affects more than one in three children and two thirds of adults and is associated with heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Learning how to make good food choices is just as important to health as it is to a household's income. 

Gifford Youth Achievement Center is always teaching students to better themselves and make smarter choices in school and in their lives as well, including for their health and lifestyles.

Chef Taylor Rye teaches GYAC students how to prepare a healthy meal.