Rental & Mortgage Payment Assistance Program in Indian River County



Funds from Coronavirus Relief Funds received from the Florida Housing Finance Corporation will assist local Indian River County households affected by the pandemic with rental and mortgage payments. 

The Rental and Mortgage Payment Assistance Program will provide financial assistance of up to $1500 per month, for up to three months, to eligible Indian River County households that require assistance due to economic losses caused by COVID-19.  

Applications for assistance with rental & mortgage payments will be accepted starting September 14, 2020 at NOON and ending December 1, 2020.  The application period will be open on a first come basis until Coronavirus Relief Funds from the Florida Housing Finance Corp run out.

Here's a PREVIEW LINK to the application - this lets you know what information you'll need for the Sept 14th application date.

For details about the Indian River County Rental & Mortgage Assistance Program, click here.

PUBLIC NOTICE PDF of Rent & Mortgage Payment Assistance for Indian River County Residents