City of Vero Beach Utilities & FPL

City of Vero Beach Utilities & FPL


Open Mon to Fri 8:30am to 5pm
City of Vero Beach Utilities
(for water & sewer)
1036 20th Street, Vero Beach
Tel (772) 978-5100


FPL (for electric)
Tel (772) 403-0021
Email:  VeroInfo@FPLcom




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The City of Vero Beach Utilities Department provides water and sewer services in a select area within Indian River County.  Here's info about water & sewer services in the City of Vero Beach.


On December 17, 2018, FPL began providing electric service to City of Vero Beach residents.  Here's info about electric utility service in the City of Vero Beach. 

FAQ's relating to the transition period.

How do I set up my FPL account?
Your information will be automatically transferred to FPL from City of Vero Beach. You will be sent your FPL account number followed by a unique PIN so you can access your FPL account online and set up your preferences.

My final bill from Vero Beach Utilities will come after the transition.  Will I still make my payment to Vero Beach Utilities or to FPL?
Please make final payment to City of Vero Beach for electric service used when they were your provider before December 17, 2018.  If you have any questions about your Vero Beach account, please call the city at (772) 978-5100.

Right now I get one bill from the City that covers my water, sewer and power.  How will this change after I become an FPL customer?

You will continue to pay your water and sewer bill to the City of Vero Beach.

You will receive a bill from FPL for your electric utility service.

City of Vero Beach Utilities & FPL

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