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Humane Society Volunteers
6230 77th St
Vero Beach, FL 32967

(772) 388-3892


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They arrive daily. The lost and the abandoned, the hungry and the hurt, the diseased and the dying. Most of them are frightened, many of them are unloved and all of them yearning for attention. Your attention. To help, see below.

Any person age 16 and up may apply for volunteer work. Minors must have a release form signed by their guardian, and a consultation will be requested with their guardian. All minors must have their parents accompany them to the orientation. Children ages 12 through 15 may apply for the Care Cadet volunteer program.

- Completion of a volunteer application
- Signing of a release
- Attendance at a volunteer orientation
- Completion of a required training
- Commitment to a schedule

Group orientations are held in the education room at the Humane Society. The purpose is to provide future volunteers a broad overview for all HSVB programs and policies, and to help in deciding which program area best fits the desires of the volunteer and the needs of the Humane Society. Call Phaedra Kohler, Volunteer Coordinator at (772) 388-3892 (direct) or (772) 388-3331 for scheduled dates of future orientations.

Training provides the necessary skills and information to help you in your area of interest. The length of training needed differs based on your area of interest. See examples below:

  • Dog Socialization: 1 session for approximately 3 hours 
  • Adoption Counseling: 60 - 80 hours of training and a weekly commitment of 10 volunteer hours
  • Adoption Greeter: 1 hour of training and a weekly commitment of 2 volunteer hours 

You are asked to commit to a minimum number of hours on a weekly or monthly basis. If you cannot keep your commitment please notify the Volunteer Coordinator as soon as possible.

Below are areas where volunteers are needed:

Thrift Shop: sorting, pricing, cashiers, appliance repair and donation pick-ups

Pet Socialization: provide exercise and basic training, grooming and love to adoptable shelter pets

Foster Pet Program: short term care for pets who have been temporarily separated from their owners

Adoptions: help in selecting pets for prospective pet owners

Care Cadets: one year “Care Cadet” training program for youths 12 to 15 years old

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Humane Society Volunteers Indian River County logo Humane Society Volunteers
6230 77th St
Vero Beach, FL 32967
(772) 388-3892

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