Pelican Island Elementary

Sebastian, FL

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Pelican Island Elementary
1355 Schumann Dr
Sebastian, FL 32958

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Pelican Island Elementary is home to the Aloa Lorton Nature Trail and the SOARING Pelicans!

Pelican Island Elementary is a Pre-K-5th grade elementary school named after the first wildlife refuge in the United States. We are located in Sebastian, Florida (half way down the Atlantic Ocean side about an hour south of the Kennedy Space Center).

The ART Room

We are learning and having fun in the art room. Our goal is to help teach our youngsters to explore the world of creativity. In the creative process, the students develop a sense of self worth through their art andn learn to value the artistic expression of others. As our classes begin, students in K through 5th grades will have art class once a week for 40 minutes. Ask your children what day they have art and dress them accordingly so that their good clothing does not get stained. Art work that is completed in art class is saved for displays and/or shows at school and at county shows. Students will be bringing home some of their art work during the school year. The remaining collection of work will be brought home at the end of each semester. Your child's art projects are developed for his/her grade level with art history and appreciation incorporated into the lesson when possible.

Pelican Island Elementary Media Center 

"Reading Gives You Super Power!"
Students in Pre-K-5th grade will have Media/Library class each week for a minimum of 40 minutes. The media/library curriculum focuses on the Sunshine State standards for language arts. In addition to the lesson, your child will have the opportunity to return and borrow library books each week.

Music Notes…

The music program at Pelican Island has been developed with the understanding that children learn through experiences. The goal is to provide a multitude of opportunities for a variety of musical experiences including; singing, moving, reading, creating and playing musical instruments. The curriculum is based on the Sunshine State Standards for music.

Students in Pre-K use Project S.A.M. (Stimulation, Articulation, and movement through music) this is a 40 minute program which is divided into three activities,

  • Stimulation: Music stimulatesthe mind’s imagination through the music and songs chosen (I use many of my own original ones). Every instrument has a name and a personality of their own. The instruments become the channels for the child to express their feelings without feeling judged.
  • Articulation: Music helps expression through words.A variety of songs are used that coincide with the musical concepts being taught.All three learning styles are interwoven into the learning process
  • Movement:Each student is given the opportunity to become actively involved in music.Percussion instruments are used to keep a steady beat, while movement allows for creative expression.
  • Students in grades 3-5 are introduced to the recorder to improve musical abilities.Students are also taught “higher level thinking skills” by answering questions that combine the core academics (reading, language arts, math, science and social studies) with the medium of music.

The music classroom is set up like the stage would be; front stage, back stage center, left and right. They are all learning this staging vocabulary and have fun going on the risers in a choreographed manner.

All students are exposed to famous composers from different periods of music. They also learn the family of instruments of the orchestra and get a good aural depiction of each one. There are also musical opportunities for students to participate in, such as the after school chorus; which performs for the community throughout the year, Night of Joy, Pelican Idol and Spring Fling! Our pelicans also have the opportunity to be a good audience!

“Music touches the hearts of all”

Dress Code


Bottoms:  Khaki or navy uniform shorts or trousers.  Jeans without holes or tears are ONLY to be worn on FRIDAYS.  All pants must fit at the waist and be worn with a belt.

Tops:  a solid color “polo style” with collar.  Colors: White, Navy, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Canary Yellow and Tan. Small left insignia is allowed but not required.  Pelican Island T-Shirts (without collar) are to be worn ONLY on FRIDAYS. All shirts need to be tucked in.

NO oversized shirts or pants. 

Shoes:  Closed toe, and back, no higher than ankle rubber sole shoe, NO opened to, backless shoes or boots.

Socks:  ONLY Navy, Tan or White.

School t-shirt and blue jeans or blue jeans shorts can ONLY be WORN on Fridays.

Jackets or Sweaters:  Solid Navy, Tan or White


Khaki, Navy or plaid (blue and gold), skirt, skorts, shorts, capris, jumpers, trousers (skirts, shorts and skorts MUST be fingertip length).  Jeans without holes or tears ONLY to be worn on FRIDAYS. All pants must fit att he waist and be worn with a belt. 

Tops:  A solid color “polo style” with collar. Colors: White, Navy, Royal Blue, Light Blue, and Canary Yellow

No oversized shirts or pants.

No distractable accessories.

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Pelican Island Elementary
1355 Schumann Dr
Sebastian, FL 32958
(772) 564-6500

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