Rosewood Magnet School

Vero Beach, FL

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Rosewood Magnet School
3850 16th St
Vero Beach, FL 32960

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Mission Statement: 

The mission of Rosewood Magnet, a Core Knowledge school, is to educate every student by involving parents, staff, and the community in a caring environment where academic excellence leads to responsible, productive citizens.

At Rosewood, students learn traditional academic curricula through studies of reading, language arts, communications, arts, math and science -- all incorporated into an interdisciplinary approach using the Florida State Standards and NGSSS as a baseline for content knowledge. This approach is enhanced by integrating the content knowledge theme units from the Core Knowledge Curriculum the focus of the magnet school concept.

Dedicated staff, strong parent involvement and challenging curriculum continues to give students the opportunities to become productive citizens and experience a “bright future”.

Absences & Tardies

Students are expected to attend school every day, to arrive promptly, and to remain throughout the scheduled hours. Every effort should be made to schedule medical and dental appointments after school hours or during holidays. When an early dismissal is unavoidable, your child must be signed out in the office. Identification may be requested if you or the person signing your child out are not known to the office staff.

When a student is absent, he/she must bring a written note that includes the date and reason, and the signature of the parent/guardian. When a student arrives after the tardy bell, the parent and child must report to the office before the child will be admitted to class. Excessive absences or tardies will require a parent conference with an administrator and a letter from the attendance office.


At Rosewood, students learn traditional academic curricula through studies of reading, language arts, communications, arts, math and science. All are incorporated into an interdisciplinary approach using The Core Knowledge Curriculum as a baseline for content knowledge.


Rosewood Magnet is open to all Indian River County students entering Grades K-5.

Extended Day Care

Before-school care is available from 7:00-8:00 am and after-school care from dismissal until 6:00 pm. Additional information concerning requirements and rates is available at the Adult Education Office (772-564-4999).

Family Involvement

For the program at Rosewood Magnet to be successful, their must have full support and participation from students and their parents. Upon acceptance to our school, parents must sign a contract agreeing to support our attendance policy, homework assignments, family involvement requirements, and Rosewood Dress Code.

Rosewood Magnet expects parents and students to comply with all school requirements. Failure to comply with the signed contractual agreement could result in counseling with a possible return to student's home school.


The primary purpose of homework, in addition to reinforcement, is the experience it gives students to work on their own. It is the student's responsibility to complete homework independently and return as assigned. Homework will be assigned at all grade levels. Recommend daily homework times:

K-1: 15 to 20 minutes

2-3: 30 minutes

4-5: 45 to 60 minutes


If your child needs to take medication at school, you must bring it to school in person. You are required to bring the Indian River Medical Permission Slip provided by the pharmacist along with the medication in the original bottle.

Phonesand the Connect Ed Service

Rosewood Magnet School is fortunate to have phones in each classroom. No matter your schedule, you can leave a message any time of the day or night, even the weekend, and the teacher will respond at his/her earliest convenience. Teacher's phone numbers are listed on the Staff Directory page on the website. Rosewood Magnet School also has a Connect Ed service available to families. This is a school to parent communication service that will allow the principal to send periodic messages regarding events, meetings, report cards, PTA events and others. It also supports the principal's ability to reach parents immediately in the event of an emergency. The superintendent will also use this system for school closings and periodic messages. It is important that parents keep current telephone numbers updated in the secretary's office so that we can be assured that you receive these messages.


All parents/guardians are encouraged to join the PTA. By joining, you are supporting Rosewood Magnet School . The PTA sponsors many functions during the school year. Lend your support by joining, volunteering, and attending all meetings. The PTA page has more information and a link to the website.

Student Folders

Folders of student work, newsletters, and relevant school-related flyers are sent home every Thursday. Parents are required to sign the folder and return it on Friday or the next school day. Report cards are sent home every nine weeks. Regular parent conferences will be scheduled in an effort to keep the parent/guardian informed of each child's progress.


There will be limited transportation to Rosewood Magnet with zoned stops throughout the county. Students riding the bus must follow rules of safety at all times. Violations of bus rules will be reported by the driver to the school principal and appropriate action will be taken.


Parents and interested citizens are always welcome at Rosewood Magnet School . However, for the protection of the students, all visitors must first report to the office and sign in. As a matter of courtesy, please call ahead for the visit. Certain days may be set aside throughout the year for classroom visitations in order to cause the least disruptions to our students and teachers.


The time and talents of our volunteers are greatly appreciated and important to the success of Rosewood Magnet. There are many ways you can help.

Volunteers can be classroom helpers, clerical aids, health/office assistants, resource speakers, chaperones for field trips, tutors, etc. All volunteers must have an application on file and be approved by the district office. Business partnerships also enable us to enhance the students' academic experiences.

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Rosewood Magnet School
3850 16th St
Vero Beach, FL 32960
(772) 564-3840

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