African Savannah Party!

African Savannah Party!

Posted: February, 23, 2017 | Author: Deb Lietz | Deb's Flowers For You

African Savannah Party!

Upon returning from an exciting African safari excursion, our long-standing customer of Flower's For You presented a challenging request: to design and create floral decorations around an African safari theme for her upcoming party.  What fun!

From placecards to centerpieces to outdoor decoration, we transformed a dining room, foyer and outside home entrance to reflect the atmosphere of exotic "dark continent" flora and fauna.  Creatively combining tropical protea, quality stuffed toy animals (Giraffe, Elephant, Zebra, Leopard and Lion), animal masks with exotic eyelashes, manzanita and moss-simulated trees of the savanna, and even a lit 10ft. palm Christmas tree, we brought Africa to Florida.

As always, attention was paid to detail, so that, for example, leopard print accents on the dining table enhanced the jungle/savanna effect.  The stage was set for an evening of festivity and frivolity!

Deb Lietz
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