Reviews For Indian River Skin & Cancer Center

The Best Dermatologist in Vero Beach!

posted: 01/04/2023

I have been a patient of Dr. McDonald for many years. I cannot say enough about this truly brilliant Doctor. As well as running a very busy practice, Dr. McDonald takes time from his busy schedule to teach Dermatology to FSU students that rotate through his office from time to time. Most recently I developed a rare skin disease that even the Doctors at Mayo could not recognize. Dr.McDonald recognized it immediately as a rare form of psoriasis and treated me appropriately and quickly and I have not been bothered with it since. His office is beautiful and his staff could not be nicer. There is no PA or Physicians Assistant. Dr. McDonald said he doesn't trust someone not trained as a Medical Doctor to do procedures or treat his patients. I am on board with that! When I make an appointment with a Doctor, I want to see the Doctor- not someone else who may or may not know what they are doing! Scary if you ask me! Dr. McDonald is also nice, caring, and listens! If you are looking for a Dermatologist, he's your man!

by: Martha W.

When you make an appointment with Dr. McDonald, you are actually seen by and examined by Dr. McDonald. There is no P.A. or nurse practitioner taking care of your skin but the Doctor! How refreshing! Dr. McDonald also teaches Dermatology to Medical Students studying Dermatology. . FDermatology to Medical Students. aHe deserves all his awards. I would never go to another Dermatologist. He's simply the best.

posted: 01/04/2023

I can't say enough about Dr. McDonald. He is Board Certified in both Internal medicine and Dermatology. A graduate of Georgetown UniversityMedical School. Dr. Is thorough, kind and explains everything. He never seems rushed and doesn't get impatient when you ask 20 questions like I did. He told me why a spot on my face or arm may or may not have to be removed. How refreshing when most of these Doctors seem to be ready to cut everything off benign or not! He found a basal cell in my hairline I didn't even know was there! Dr. McDonald's office is beautiful, and absolutely immaculate. There are no PA's. He does all the examinations, evaluations, surgery and other work himself. I appreciate that! His staff could not be nicer too. I would never trust my skin to anyone else but Dr. McDonald. He is simply, the best! No wonder he was named the best Dermatologist in Florida. I told him he is the Doctor's Doctor because every time I have an appointment, I see other Doctors sitting in his waiting room and they are patients of Doctor McDonald too! That's a pretty good endorsement!

by: Martha Egan