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Vero Beach, FL

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Carmine & Lucia's Olive Oil and Balsamics
1916 14th Ave
Vero Beach, FL 32960

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As things are rapidly changing for small businesses, you can call your orders and pick them up curbside. If you are in the Vero Beach area, I am happy to deliver your order. As always, shop for our products online.

Visit Carmine & Lucia’s Fine Olive Oils and Balsamics and taste the freshness and quality for yourself

Olive Oils
The cornerstone of the Mediterranean Diet is unrivaled in providing health benefits. Carmine & Lucia’s olive oil come from countries all over the world including; Argentina, Australia, Chili, Greece, Italy, Spain, South Africa and Tunisia to name a few. Because they are imported from both hemispheres, which produce counter to one another, they are the freshest crush of oil, not once but twice yearly. All olive oils sold at Carmine & Lucia’s are first cold pressed, which produces a higher quality of oil and usually lower in acidity. Fused and infused, truffle oils, and ultra-premium extra virgin olive oils (EVOO) are available. 
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Balsamic Vinegars
Balsamic vinegar has become all the rage in America. It is difficult to believe that this robust product of the vine has only come to be appreciated within the last two decades in America, when Italians have been enjoying it for centuries. 
Traditional balsamic vinegar is produced from the juice of just-harvested white grapes boiled down to approximately 30% of the original volume to create a concentrate or must, which is then fermented with a slow aging process which concentrates the flavors. The flavor intensifies over the years, with the vinegar being stored in wooden casks, becoming sweet, viscous and very concentrated. 

All of the Balsamics from Carmine & Lucia’s come from Modena, Italy, the birthplace of balsamic vinegar. The dark balsamic are of the highest quality, and are all aged from 12 up to 18 years. They are all natural, are free of any thickeners, caramel coloring (a known carcinogen), or added sugar. 

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Private Tastings
Great for a friends or couples night out.
Available on Monday or Thursday nights. 
$15.00 fee per person.
This will include 90 minutes in the store with friends to mingle and sample over 50+ Balsamics and Olive Oils. Wine will be provided along with a fruit and cheese platter, and an appetizer made with our products. 
Everyone will receive a complimentary 200 ml bottle of choice!  (Not including truffle oils). 
A 10% discount will also be given for any additional shopping.
5 person minimum to reserve – Call now to book (772) 999-5402


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1916 14th Ave
Vero Beach, FL 32960
(772) 999-5402

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