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Fresh Veggies

October 19, 2017
| Eats

There are many journeys that you can take as a restaurateur. Some are flashy, some are subtle some are for the guest and some are for the staff.

Well this next project along with other that will be announced shortly involves hydroponics. 
Today being delivered are 3 towers which will begin our beta test with our ultimate goal of building a full hydroponic rooftop garden capable of supplying most if not all or our produce needs.

We will be able to offer the freshest produce in the market while reducing our carbon footprint. 
We anticipate many challenges along the way but we will start small but with bang.

Our first crops will be heirloom tomato which will be an amazing addition to our award winning burgers. Fresh herb such as mint (with our mastitis..more news on this upcoming), Rosemary which we use in our house made Rosemary cheddar biscuits and a few other items.

We will keep you posted with news and photos but here we go!

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