Armchair Travel for Seniors

October 5, 2020
by TammyS | For Seniors

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With coronavirus and quarantine affecting our social interacting and traveling the past seven months, it can get pretty boring staying at home.  Especially for those of us who like to travel.  This is why Armchair Travel is becoming more and more popular, especially for Seniors.

  1. Search YouTube for countries and places you would like to visit one day if money, time, and mobility were no problem.  Perhaps the Taj Mahal in India, Paris’ Eiffel Tower, Changing of the Guards in London, the Great Wall of China, Seychelles Island, The Vatican, Volcanos of Hawaii, and so forth.  During quarantine you can watch videos about these places and almost feel like you are there for a short period of time.  Here are two YouTube links to Portugal & Spain and the Seychelles.

  1. Download videos and watch them at your leisure.  If you are not computer-savvy, ask your children or grandchildren to do it for you.  You know they are all computer literate.
  2. Get foreign travel or cooking videos from your local library if it is open.  Many libraries are currently offering curbside service.
  3. Many museums around the world provide free virtual tours.  Here is a link to some.

  1. Do you like shipwrecks, zoos, waterfalls, etc.?  Here is another link to 100 worldwide tours.

  1. Listen to Audio books on travel.  Amazon has them and probably your local library does as well.
  2. Rent movies that have a lot to do with travel such as The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Crazy Rich Asians, Into the Wild, The Way, and Out of Africa to name just a few.


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