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How Do You Handle Frustration

May 30, 2023
by ChristinaV | For Seniors


How Do You Handle Frustration?

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Have you ever felt frustrated, let down, or disappointed?  These are all emotions we may feel when our expectations have not been met.  And, unless we live in total nirvana, it is safe to say these emotions have impacted most of us at one time or another.

Often, even though we have experienced frustration or been let down, we realize later that what we wanted or wished for was not the best thing for us.  Looking back on my own life, I worked for many years as Administrative Assistant to a gentleman who owned multiple oil and other companies.  The salary was excellent and I had ample autonomy, which is important to me in my career.  Unfortunately, this gentleman made some poor financial decisions and ended up losing his businesses.

I was devastated!  Not only was our household now down to one income, but we also had children in college.  While speaking with my mother one day, she reminded me that I always wanted to be a nurse, that everything happens for a reason, and to just go for it.  Because I was out of work through no fault of my own, I was able to go to nursing school and to secure loans and grants for the cost of that program.  I then went on to procure a Bachelor’s in Nursing and a Masters in Community Health.  I tell you this not to bore you with personal details of my life, but to reiterate that an occurrence that was devastating to me at the time, turned into one of the best things that ever happened for both me and my family.  Our financial future was secure and the nursing positions I qualified for kept me happy, challenged, and stimulated.

Experiencing disappointment has differing results for everyone.  It can turn some into underachievers.  Because they do not want to experience this emotion again, they will set their goals low.  Others may turn into overachievers in order to prevent the same thing.  However, if you are seeking perfection, you will likely be disappointed, as we are all human beings, not robots.

Reasons for frustration and disappointment are myriad, regardless of their varying degrees.  Perhaps you did not get a job for which you interviewed, your grade on a test was lower than you needed or hoped for, you are unable to bear children, a relationship turns out not to be what you thought it was, loss of a loved one or job, health concerns, etc.  Everyone has their own triggers, but it is important to remember that, even though you may have certain expectations, you cannot control all situations or other people.

So, take a deep breath, think through your individual situation, and do not dwell on the matter. Adjust your expectations, do not let your disappointment linger, and take care of yourself.


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