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Ideas for Rainy Days for Seniors

April 2, 2021
by TammyS | For Seniors

Ideas for Rainy Days for Seniors

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Rainy season in Florida usually begins in May and, even though it will often rain and then clear up and be sunny, we certainly have days when it rains all day long.  For most people that is not a problem and we will keep ourselves busy indoors, but for others it can be boring.  Below is a list of rainy-day activities for those times when you just cannot be outdoors.

  1. Do some extra cleaning that you have been wanting to get to:
    1. Clean out and organize your closet.  Donate unworn clothing and shoes to the charity of your choice.
    2. We all have a junk drawer, the contents of which seem to multiply weekly.  Clean yours out on a rainy day.  Empty all of the drawer’s contents, vacuum thoroughly, and return only those items you know you will use again.
    3. Organize your pantry and throw out all expired items (including spices).
    4. Clean out the refrigerator.  Remove all items and throw away those that have been hiding in the back unused, soggy, or limp vegetables, or leftovers that have been in there too long.  Remove all shelving that can come out and wash everything thoroughly.  Lastly, wipe down all condiment containers before putting them back in.
    5. Replace all your filters, from the furnace and A/C to the refrigerator and vacuum cleaner.
    6. Wash the quilts, blankets, and pillows on your beds, and also your pet bed covers and blankets.
    7. Go through those decorative seasonal items and repair or discard anything that is broken.
  2. If extra cleaning is not really your thing for a rainy day and you are more of a social person, head to the mall.  You don’t have to buy anything…just find a comfortable seat and “people-watch” or do some window shopping for holiday gift or decorating ideas.  Or simply bring a good book and relax and read it as you “people-watch”.
  3. Do some cooking or baking and fill your home with delicious aromas.  Make a delicious soup or stew, or bake some cookies, brownies, pies, banana bread, or a cake.
  4. Plan your dream vacation.  Check out flights and cruises to locations you have always wanted to visit and, if you can afford it, make it happen.
  5. Watch a movie or even binge watch a series you have been wanting to see.  Or open that book you have been saving for a rainy day to read.
  6. Take a long, relaxing soak in the tub.  Use some of those bath salts or bubble baths that you have received as gifts.    You can read a book or just lay your head back and relax.  Just make sure not to do this if it there is lightning accompanying the rain.
  7. Attend a “Wine & Paint” event.
  8. Clear off the table and put together a puzzle or play a board game or cards with a family member or friend.
  9. Go to the movies.
  10. Get a massage or a manicure/pedicure.
  11. Go to an indoor pool at your YMCA or other facility for indoor laps or aerobics.
  12. Take a well-deserved nap.
  13. Start a gratitude journal or blog.
  14. Check out YouTube and find something new that you can learn.
  15. Start your Christmas shopping online.
  16. Be a kid again and do some coloring.
  17. Check out Pinterest for some great craft ideas.
  18. And last, but not least, put on your raincoat, galoshes, hat, and grab an umbrella and take a rain walk if it is not ringing too hard or thundering and lightning.  And, yes, you can even splash in the puddles!

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