Practicing Random Acts of Kindness

July 2, 2021
by TammyS | For Seniors
Practicing Random Acts of Kindness

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These have been some pretty tough months for most of us, what with the current political discourse, COVID-19 isolation, layoffs, and other stressful issues.  And, whether or not we agree or disagree on certain subjects, we can at least be kind to one another.  It takes no more effort to be kind than it does to be unkind.  Kindness is free, unlimited, and is a choice that is available to everyone.  You might just make someone’s day.  Here are just a few of the ways you can spread sunshine and goodwill:

  • Smile – a simple pleasant smile can change everything for the person who sees it.  Even a stranger.
  • Let a car or a person ahead of you in traffic or in the store, especially if they have only a few items and you have many.
  • If you are on public transportation and there are no more seats, offer yours to an elderly, handicapped, or pregnant person or to someone who just looks like they could benefit from sitting.
  • Give someone a compliment, even if you do not know them.
  • Leave a thank you note in your mailbox for the carrier who tirelessly delivers your mail each day.
  • Hold doors open for people coming behind you; even if you have to wait for them to reach the door.
  • Put coins in a meter that is about to expire.
  • Stand up for others who are being talked about, especially if they are not there to defend themselves.  If someone is being gossiped about, chime in with something positive.
  • And do not speak ill of others.  Practice saying only kind things or say nothing at all.
  • Leave good books that you have finished reading in a public place for others to find and read.
  • Give someone the benefit of the doubt.  You do not know what people are going through so if you experience road rage or an unkind remark...just let it go.
  • Keep a few small care packages or some $5.00 meal gift cards to hand out to the homeless.
  • If you see someone trying to take a family or friends photo, offer to take it for them.
  • Help an elderly or disabled person who is trying to cross the street, open a door, etc.
  • Place sticky notes with encouraging words in places for strangers to find them.
  • Offer money at the register if the person ahead of you comes up a little short.
  • Thank every veteran you meet for their service.
  • Compliment a parent on how well-behaved their children are.
  • Talk to a lonely senior for a few minutes.
  • And always say "Please” and “Thank You”!

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