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What Can We Be Thankful for This Christmas

December 20, 2022
by ChristinaV | For Seniors

What Can We be Thankful for This Christmas?

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Let us take time this holiday season to be thankful for the many things we have in life.


Family is special because they are the people we have known the longest, who are generally the closest to us, and, as we grow older, are the ones who are there for us and whom we can count on.  We appreciate our family members and, even though they may not live close to us, they can all be just a phone call away.


As we grow older, we experience loss of our friends due to aging or illness.  Appreciate the friends we still have.  Call, e-mail, send a brief note, or get together for a meal or game of cards once or twice a week.


Whatever our home may be – a small apartment, modest-sized home, or a very large one, it is important to be thankful for what we have.   Whatever the size of our home, it is our own personal space and is home to us to decorate and enjoy however we may please. And if you ever start to wish it were more or bigger, just remember those who are homeless and would love to have what you have.


Even though many retired seniors struggle with finances, there are ways to cook a tasty meal every day.  And if we should need a little additional assistance there are multiple church and civic food pantries willing to supplement our pantries.  Again, even though we may not have as much as others, we still have more than many.

Bringing joy to others

What are your abilities?  Do you knit or sew and can you donate these items to a nursing home?  Do you like to read?  Then what about going to a nursing home or senior care facility and reading to a senior whose sight no longer allows them to read themselves?  Think for a moment about the pleasures you enjoy and how you can assist in spreading these pleasures to others.


Although aging does have its unique set of challenges with regard to our health and chronic diseases, many of us still get around and even continue to drive.  Let’s not take that for granted.  And if we can no longer drive, we can still enjoy a leisurely walk or sitting outside to enjoy the fresh air.


Many of us have a dog or cat.  Others have a bird or other type of pet that we share our home and our love with.  Pets offer us offer unconditional love and we are fortunate to have them in our lives, so treat them with the same love and care that you would extend to a friend.  After all, they are your true friend.



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