Treasure Coast Seaplanes - Exciting Tours of the Area

Treasure Coast Seaplanes - Exciting Tours of the Area

April 9, 2018
by Gary Fox | Plays
Treasure Coast Seaplanes - Exciting Tours of the Area

That’s a mighty big promise but brain science supports that when you break out of the daily routine you use different neural pathways and that changes the pattern of your mind, body and mood in a wonderful way.

Years ago I flight trained until I was too pregnant to hoist myself in and out of a Cessna (9178 Yankee - still remember the tail number) and recently rode thermals in a glider where my knees were shaking until I settled in to the wonder of a different flight experience. Each time was a recharge.

Treasure Coast Seaplanes has a little known “Discovery Tour” with a Certified Flight Instructor to introduce the basics of seaplane flying.

With your instructor by your side, you’ll fly the plane and experience both land & water take offs and landings. It's a thrill not many people experience.

After your lesson, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion and your 1st flight training hour.   If you want to train further, they have a variety of options.  Check out your adventure at....

Treasure Coast Seaplanes
2640 Airport North Drive
Vero Beach - Tel (772) 500-2359



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