Reviews For Sebastian River Exterminating

Thank heavens for Mr Forte!!!

posted: 11/21/2017

I live in an apartment in Vero. Several years ago my place was invaded by hundreds of ants. I detest ants! My landlady had an exterminator, but that company did absolutely NO good whatsoever. I interviewed at least 4 exterminators, and it was obvious to me who to hire. Mr Forte does all the work - no employees - so that makes him accountable for the work done. I also liked his methods of getting rid of the ants. I have pets, and was worried about harmful chemicals inside. Mr Forte did not do that - he used diatomaceous earth, which kills ants once they walk through the stuff and is totally safe for humans AND animals. Within about 2 weeks, my problem was gone. I have called him back a couple times to re-treat the outside, but not the interior. I like his work ethic, and the fact uses safe things inside. The other companies I interrviewed sent SALESMEN, who could not explain their companies methods at all. His price was quite fair, and worth every penny.

by: Annie, The Ant Hater