Happy 2020!

Happy 2020!

January 4, 2020
by Nikolett Connelly | Health + Beauty
Happy 2020!

So, here we are a new decade. WOW! 

 Our team is so excited to see what 2020 has in store. To be completely honest we would be lying if we said this industry was easy. As much as we cherish our career, and love our clients, it has it's challenges. From keeping up with the latest trends, constantly going to continuing ed classes, and being on our feet from morning till night, we do it for you. You all make every ounce of work worth it. Seeing your smile after a service, is the most rewarding thing we could ask for. Seeing that sparkle in your eye because you feel like the best version of yourself is truly what makes this feild so special. 

At the end of the day, In that final moment of turning that key to lock up, we can't help but smile. Not because we're done with work, or that we're excited to go home. We smile because as we're reflecting on the work day, remembering that expression of confidence on all of your faces tells us we suceeded. Hair is more than just hair. It's your identity. As I've said before in previous blogs, your hair is a reflection of you. So, If our team is able to create that sense of self  within you, I know our hard work was worth it. I  just can't help but feel so blessed that all of our dedication has made this passed year so sucessful, and beautiful. You, the client are so important to us. We promise this year, we will give you all that we can. Thank you, and Happy New Year. 

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