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Home Safety Suggestions for Seniors

June 26, 2020
by TammyS | Health + Beauty


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Home Safety Suggestions for Seniors

Maintain your health and vision.  Exercise if your doctor permits, take your medications as prescribed and have your vision checked regularly and update your eyeglass prescription

Stay in regular contact with family and friends so they know that something is wrong if they do not hear from you

Keep a list of all medications where it can be found easily – for example on the front of refrigerator

Leave a house key with a friend or neighbor that you trust completely

Prevent Falls

  • Falls are a leading cause of fatal injuries
  • The bathroom might be the most dangerous room in your house so:
    • Install grab bars
    • Use non-slip bathmats
    • Use nightlights
  • Install rails and grab bars in other frequently-used rooms
  • Remove or secure loose rugs
  • Declutter all walkways and make sure they are well lit
  • Wear well-fitting shoes and slippers with good rubber soles
  • Install smoke detectors and replace batteries when necessary
  • Avoid burns – do not turn pot handles outwards on stove, do not wearing loose clothing when cooking and do not leave cooking food unattended
  • Keep items you use often on lower shelves
  • Wipe up any spills immediately so they do not cause you to slip and fall
  • No extension cords if possible, especially none across walkways
  • Keep a phone accessible for emergencies,  If it is portable, keep it charged and with or near you
  • If you smoke, keep cigarettes, ashtrays, lighters away from combustible items.  Do NOT smoke in bed
  • Avoid furniture with sharp, potentially dangerous corners or edges

Safety Product Ideas

  • Secure locks on doors
  • Shower benches and raised toilet seats
  • Medic Alert systems
  • Hand held shower heads

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