Suddenly getting breakouts since using the face mask?

Suddenly getting breakouts since using the face mask?

by Angie Iturrino | Health + Beauty
Lady getting a skin treatment while sitting in chair

As a skin care therapist at Lorenzo's Hair Design & Spa, I have clients that are recently concerned that they are getting breakouts around the chin and nose area due to wearing the mask for long periods of time,  so here are a few basic ideas on keeping your skin in shape: 

1. Wash your mask after each use is helpful not just for coronavirus safety but also for your skin 

2. Use unscented detergent to wash your mask, try baby shampoo or detergent for sensitive skin

3. Try not to  wear makeup under your face mask , allow your skin to breath

4. HYDRATE your skin . My clients know how much I love serums for the face and neck especially Hyaluronic Acid [HA] serum.  HA helps skin retain moisture so the skin looks softer and healthier. HA occurs naturally in our skin but unfortunately it lessens as we age so that is where HA serums and moisturizer play a vital role in  keeping skin hydrated, and reduces fline lines/wrinkles.

 I recommend applying high quality HA serum on clean skin and topping it with a thin layer of moisturizer that is correct for your skin type. 

 5. This is  a great time to start a  facial cleansing routine. Start taking care of your skin on a daily bases. 

6. Dont forget to drink plenty of water through out your day 

7. And lastly,  and super important is begin scheduling monthly professional skin care treatment. Let your esthetician analyse your skin and recommend the appropriate products and application  for your skin concerns and skin type.

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