Unleash your inner butterfly

Unleash your inner butterfly

February 26, 2019
by Nikolett Connelly | Health + Beauty

 Why do we as women change our hair after a breakup? Why do we get bored, and crave something new, and unexplored? When something unpredictable happens, why do we get an urge to take table scissors to the hair?  The simple answer is rejuvantation. Similar to the butterfly in the cacoon, the transformation in our style can create this new aura of beauty.  Our hair is ours, we decide how we want it to be portrayed, and admired. Life is full of surprises, and and can be unpredictable. With life passing us by, we can find comfort in the control of our hair.. It can represent a rebirth, or a new awakening. How many of you have gotten an amazing highlight, or cut, and felt unstoppable? Probably most of you. 

Sometimes, we need that new style, to motivate ourselves to shine our inner lights. Whatever the reason maybe, everyone deserves to feel renewed. We are constantly changing, growing, and learning; so, shouldn't our hair? Now I'm not saying go out, and chop off your long locked mane, (unless you want too) but don't ever be scared to try something different. Change is inevitable, so embrace it. We will hold your hand and walk you through YOUR transformation step-by-step. 

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About The Author: Nikolett Connelly

Nikolett Connelly is a lifestyle colorist/stylist and salon owner at Elle 7 Twenty Salon + Spa.