Spooky Hospital Ghost Stories

Top 5 Spookiest Hospital Ghost Stories

by Ortho Spine America | Medical

Halloween is the time of year for ghouls, goblins, and scary hospital ghost stories, right? For those in the medical field, death and dying are a part of everyday life, but this doesn’t mean they are completely immune to ghostly encounters.

While you must have tough skin and a stomach of steel to work in a hospital, even the most seasoned of nurses have tales that send shivers down their spines. As a surgical center, we have seen our fair share of strange and unexplainable events, but these terrifying hospital ghost stories have us beat.

Some of the spooky hospital ghost stories recounted by nurses will leave you reaching for the light switch and may even haunt you into the night. They aren’t for the faint of heart, but what’s Halloween without a little scare? Our favorite hospital ghost stories range from haunted pediatric wards and patients refusing to cross to the Other Side to phantom feelings spurred by eerie events.

Embrace the true spirit of Halloween this year by curling up and reading our favorite hospital ghost stories - don’t be scared!

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