Herniated disc pain

Treating Herniated Disc Pain

by Ortho Spine America | Medical
John G. Atwater Spine Surgeon

The discs in the back, called vertebral discs, consist of a gel-like substance surrounded by a ring of cartilage.  These discs allow you to move and bend freely.  Unfortunately, when the gel that makes up the disc herniates or pushes through the ring of cartilage (think of squeezing a jelly donut), then the freedom to move is disrupted and back pain and stiffness ensue, making it difficult to perform daily activities like walking and stooping.


Sometimes, a herniated disc is referred to as a “slipped disc,” and some people may even refer to it as a “pinched nerve.”   This is because one of the most common complaints is severe pain in the neck or lumbar spine that radiates down the arm or leg and leads to numbness and tingling. That means there is a nerve being squeezed by the bulging gell and the resulting inflammation.


Discs are just soft pads, so they deteriorate over time, making this one of the most common conditions in people over 40.  In this article, you can watch a short video about herniated discs and learn about some of the natural and non-surgical methods of treating the herniated disc pain. 


Regardless of which method or natural regimen works for you, we want to help you relieve the herniated disc pain. When you come in for a visit, we’ll talk to you about your goals and preferences when it comes to treatment.  You will play the biggest role in your care here, because you know your body and mind better than we do.  We can help with the technicalities and provide the expert skills needed to reach your goals. 


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