Back Sprains and Herniated Discs

by Ortho Spine America | Medical

Back sprains and herniated discs are both common causes of lower back pain. That being, there are a few important differences to know.

Assisted Living Homes VS. Home Care: How To Decide

by Chris V | Medical

Can you receive proper care in your home or would it be best to move into an assisted living home that can meet your long-term care needs?

Treating Herniated Disc Pain

by Ortho Spine America | Medical

Neck or back pain and difficulty with daily activities like stooping and bending may be the result of a slipped or herniated disc.

How Caregiving Makes You Healthier, Stronger and Wiser New research shows that being a caregiver has benefits

by Chris V | Medical

How Caregiving Makes You Healthier, Stronger and Wiser

New research shows that being a caregiver has benefits

A Moment's Notice Health Care has quite a number of caregivers who could be retired at this point in their live. Yet they choose to continue to provide care for those who choose to age in place in there own homes.

Be aware of the risks when Hiring an Independent Contractor or Using a Registry for Home Care

by Chris V | Medical

Everyone likes a bargain, but when it comes to home care, selecting the cheapest price for care can result in the most expensive implications.

Oftentimes consumers are unaware of the risks they are exposing themselves to when they hire care through a registry or independent contractor. Unfortunately, sometimes this results in less than positive situations for seniors and their families.

How To Tell If a Family Member Is Addicted to Drugs

by DavidS | Medical

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 7.4 million Americans suffered from drug addiction in 2016.

Kyphoplasty for a Spinal Compression Fracture

by Ortho Spine America | Medical

Spinal compression fractures can lead to insurmountable pain and discomfort.  Often treated with kyphoplasty, our blog talks about what to expect from this kind of procedure, and who you should talk to for more information. 

How to Beat the Stigma of Alcohol Addiction

by DavidS | Medical

Alcohol addiction is often looked at differently than other mental health illnesses.

How Do I Select the Right Home Care Provider?

by Chris V | Medical

Choosing a home health service can be overwhelming. Agencies differ in the safety and quality of care they provide.

5 Money Issues Families Never Talk About Avoiding discussions of these sensitive topics can lead to big trouble By Richard Eisenberg Money & Work Editor July 12, 2018

by Chris V | Medical

Why do we have such a hard time talking with our children about important financial matters affecting the entire family? For some of us, avoiding sensitive discussions, especially about money, is a family tradition. For others, there’s concern that bringing up financial worries will harm our relationships with our children and grandchildren.

Below are five money issues no one likes to talk about, but should — and sooner than later.

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