Vero Beach Popping Up On

Vero Beach Popping Up On "Best Places To Retire In Florida" Lists

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Known more for understated wealth and a cultured lifestyle rather than a retirement haven, the small seaside hamlet of Vero Beach, Florida is suddenly showing up on lists of top places to retire in Florida.


 Last month, US News & World Report ranked Vero Beach number three of “8 Places to Retire in Florida" Data examined were indicators of home values, unemployment and poverty rates.


 At the same time, SmartAsset, ranked Vero Beach among the “10 Best Places To Retire In Florida.”  Their study considered taxes (both income and sales), number of Doctor’s offices and recreation/retirement centers per 1000 people.


 The SmartAsset study had Naples, Florida in the number one spot with 28.4 Doctor’s Offices and highest recreation/retirement centers per 1000 people.


 On the flip side, Vero Beach had 12.1 Doctor’s Offices per 1000 people and fewer recreation/retirement centers than Naples.  But the percentage of seniors in Vero Beach was nearly half – 28% Vero Beach & 51% Naples – indicating that Vero Beach is a more age-diverse community.


 SmartAsset has free, proprietary tools they’ve developed to help you look at retirement, taxes and income planning.  


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